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How to make an order


Products available for purchase can be found in the left ‘E-Shop’ menu as well as directly in 'House' of the main upper menu. Numbers in brackets displayed in the 'E-Shop' menu are showing number of products within a particular category and/or sub-category respectively.
By clicking on a particular category from the ‘E-Shop’ menu customer will get into a particular category of our online store. By choosing a particular ‘House’ from the upper ‘House menu’, you will be transmitted to the main page of a particular house, where you will get the possibility to browse through Top Products of a particular house as well as you can choose any informatory section of your interest from the 'Central house menu'.

Product(s) of your choice can be placed into the shopping cart by clicking the shopping cart icon displayed in the window of a particular product. Once your product(s) is placed into the shopping cart you can continue in shopping and your cart will stay active.

You have also useful possibility to build more shopping carts and save them. In case you have some products in the cart and you log off these will be saved in your cart automatically. Saved cart has to be activated before check out process.

Products and their quantity can be updated whenever within the shopping cart. You can erase product(s) from the shopping cart and/or change number of items within your cart.

After you are sure you want to buy particular product(s) you can process your order by clicking ‘Check Out’ button.



First step - ‘Shipping information’
. Here you choose the address where you want your products to be sent as well as you can update your billing information.

Second step -  ‘Shipping Method’
- you get the possibility to choose how your product will be shipped and how much it will cost you – note that majority of items are shipped for free within the Europe and some also to US.

Products shipped to the U.S. free of charge are clearly labeled in our online. These are also marked with the text “U.S. Customers Only!!!”.
If you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

Third step 'Payment Option'. In this step you will get the possibility to choose method of payment. For more detailed information on payment options please refer to "Payment" section below.

Fourth step - ‘Complete Order’ - This is the step where your order will be summarized, including shipping address and shipping method you chose as well as final price you have to pay for your order – please, check this information properly and do not forget to check also terms of our online store. Here you can also find a form where your comments or notes can be attached to the order. Please use it if there is anything you think is necessary for us to know, or use it if there is something about order or products what is not clear enough to you. If you forgot to place some products into your order you can continue shopping from any of above described steps of ordering process by clicking on any shopping category. Of course, this is not possible if you already confirmed your order. But even then you can let us immediately know that, you would like to make one more order and join it with the previous one (in that case sent us your order number and your request as soon as possible to our following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ). By pressing "Confirm Order" button your order will be sent to us and we will start to process your order.

Customers are able to view all their prior and actual orders in their account maintenance section.

ALTERNATIVELY ORDERS CAN BE PLACED ALSO VIA EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


Immediately after making an order customer will receive an automatic e-mail from us. This e-mail contains summarized information about the details of his order. After that customer will also receive another email with pre-invoice and information about how and where to pay for his purchase - depending on the choosen payment method (customer will receive this email receive within few minutes after the order, at the latest up to 24 hours after the order).

FOR CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE E.U.: VAT tax will be deducted from the price prior to invoicing and payment. Customer will receive pre-invoice as well as final invoice without VAT tax.

Please, check both e-mails carefully
, whether everything in your order is like it should be. Especially entries like ordered products, quantity, price, shipping cost and your delivery address should be checked properly. We are not responsible for incorrect delivery, if wrong shipping address had been provided and for incorrect information from the side of a customer! If there are some incongruities in the confirmation e-mail, let us know as soon as possible on the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .

Ordered product(s) will not be shipped earlier than we register your payment.

Currently, we are offering TWO PAYMENT OPTIONS:
  • a) Direct Bank Transfer to our bank account 
  • b) PayPal transfer and Credit Card payment


Our bank contact will be sent to you in above described e-mail together with Pre-Invoice (see above). All orders must be paid to one of our bank accounts before shipment.

All bank transaction charges have to be paid by a customer or can be shared between the customer and Musician's Navigator.
We do not accept payments where all bank charges has to paid by a receiver. In the near future we are planning to provide for credit card payment.


This is fast, free of charge and secure payment option. This payment option doesn't require to have a PayPal account. It's fast easy and high security payment option.

PayPal invoice will be sent to you in the e-mail after your order (see above). Based on this invoice customer is able to make a payment using his credit card or PayPal account. All orders must be then paid before shipment. PayPal transaction is actualy processed very fast.


We will send you ‘payment confirmation e-mail’ with the Electronic Invoice immediately after we have received your payment.

Invoice will be signed with the internationally valid Secure Electronic Signature approved by the National Safety Department of the Slovak Republic and in the accordance with E.U. legislative and international safety regulations. This invoice is document confirming purchase of a particular product in our online store as well as it is the document used in eventual warranty reclamations.
Please, keep it. However, if you are interested we can send you also paper invoice as well.

ATTENTION, please! Company customers who wants to be invoiced prices without VAT tax, has to register their companies via our register form first and then wait for approvement. Once company customer (customer with a valid VAT tax number) receives confirmation email stating that his VAT tax number has been approved he can already purchase products from our store. Company customers who shop in our store for the first time should contact us first!



EU Customers

Prices are being set and displayed in Euro currency, both including and excluding VAT. Persons/companies with a valid VAT tax number can be charged prices excluding VAT (see 'Company Customers' section below).

Price we charge for a particular product is annotated as ‘Our price’. Often you can find ‘Regular price’ info as well – this serves only as a comparison and information about how much you can save with our pricing as well as info about regular price of a particular product on the market.

Non EU Customers

Customers from outside the EU will be invoiced price excluding VAT tax. The VAT tax will be deducted from price prior to invoicing and payment. Customer will receive pre-invoice as well as final invoice without VAT tax.  Please take into account that for customers from non EU countries can be some import cost applied from the side of their home country. This has to be paid at the delivery. This cost can vary between different countries. For instance, it is approximatelly 6% for US customers. For customers from Norway and Switzerland there should be no import cost and so on. Musician’s Navigator is not responsible for these possible costs/duties that can be applied from the side of the customer's home country. Therefore it is in every non EU customer’s own interest to check these duties beforehand. We will not accept any complains according this issue.

Company Customers

Persons/companies with a valid VAT tax number can be charged prices excluding VAT. We will deduct VAT tax prior the invoicing.

Best Price Guarantee

Products labeled with the ‘Best Price Guarantee’ logo are products for which we guarantee the lowest price in the EU and for some items also within both the EU and the US (the world zone and/or countries are clearly labeled). We are doing our best to offer you the best possible price and make our pricing as friendly as possible, but please take into account that this guarantee is limited by the constrains we cannot influence (see below). On the other hand there can often also be the situation that product is not labeled with the Best Price Guarantee logo but it actually is for the best price in the region, or even in the world.

Definition of the best price guarantee: our pricing is the best to our knowledge within a particular world zone. However, it can possibly happen that some other music gear online retailer/seller comes up in between our surveys with the offer that we are not aware of. In such cases, please let us know about and we will try to beat this price and sell you particular product for that price or lower. Prices in other e-stores we consider as better only in the case that the sum of Price + Shipping cost to the customer’s particular country is lower than our price + shipping; we offer shipping free of charge for majority of our products. Note that in the case you will buy a particular music gear product and then consequently you will find better pricing for that product in some other online store, we will not accept return of the product and we do not pay you back.