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3-Zigma audio (by ADK) - When Vintage Meets Rocket Science

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Musician's Navigator proudly introduces to its customers new quality recording gear. We are happy that starting today we can offer our customers 3-Zigma audio microphone products (by ADK). The same as with ADK microphones, the highest quality, the newest technologies and years of professional sound engineering experiences have been incorporated into 3-Zigma audio microphone products. A unique opportunity to combine head-amp with different microphone capsules provides users with the extended flexibility and diverse spectrum of recording possibilities.

Larry Villella, serious vintage mic collector, musician and co-founder of ADK Microphones, combined decades of experience with the latest modern technology, and yes, even a rocket science. CHI (Capsule/Head-Amp Integration) is the perfect combination of technology and tone. Finally, sound is not sacrificed for Specs. And still - the CHI System has some of the best specs in the universe!

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