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Lavry AD11 - Professional AD Converter for Home Studio Applications!

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We are happy to introduce into our online music gear store new high-end product. Even more happy if it is the product which provides for Professional Studio quality in the package user friendly package which can be used in any home studio. Lavry Engineering - Lavry Black AD11 is such a tool. Thus home users can reach the AD conversion quality of big professional studios without too complicated setup as well as without extreme price tag. It's a high-end stereo half-rack analog to digital converter with microphone preamplifiers,featuring USB,XLR and RCA outputs and extremely precise matching channels.

The AD11 stereo A to D converter offers USB connectivity, ideal for portable recording systems. Other features include built-in microphone preamplifiers with phantom power, large wide-range LED meters, and Lavry’s exclusive Digital Tape Saturation Emulation (“Soft Saturation”). All settings are controllable from the AD11’s front panel using a system similar to that of the companion D to A converter- the DA11.

Building on Lavry’s long established reputation of making the most accurate AD converters available, the AD11’s no-compromise design offers substantial value at an affordable price. With converter and microphone preamplifier performance that exceeds other manufacturer’s stand-alone units, the AD11 combines musicality with functionality. Extremely precise matching between channels makes the AD11 equally well suited to high quality stereo Mastering applications or “true” stereo recording. Whether it’s home, on location, or professional studio- the AD11 is the right tool for the job!

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