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High-End AD/DA converters - Special offer

We are bringing a special offer of Lavry Engineering and Lynx Studio High-End AD/DA converters for you, yet for the LOWEST PRICE in the EU! Qualities of these recording/studio converter products have been approved by the usage of top professional artists and sound engineers who have used this studio music gear for the production of the worldwide known recordings. 20th Century Fox, Abbey Road Studios, Dylan Dresdow’s Paper V.U. Studios, Electric Light Orchestra (Jeff Lynne), Guns N'Roses, Korn, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Seattle Symphony…are just few from the list of satisfied customers.

Check out also our Online Store! Do not miss possibility to purchase following models for the most advantageous price!

Lavry LE3000S – 96kHz Digital Optimizer. Multi-function digital audio processor (finalizer) for sample rate/word length conversion, monitoring, and measurement. Includes multiple dither and noise shaping settings plus reference quality metering.

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Lavry DA924 - High Resolution Digital to Analog Converter. The DA924 converts incoming 24 bit digital inputs to analog audio signals. Excellent linearity, small quantization steps, fast and accurate response and low noise performance. The DA924 accommodates the original standard sample rates (44.1 & 48kHz) and the higher rates of the new standards (88.2 & 96kHz).

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Lavry AD122-96mkIII – 96kHz 4th generation Gold series Mastering Quality Analog to Digital Converter. Converts analog signals to a true 24-bit digital audio data stream. Consistently used for many of today's top recordings, the AD122-96MKIII features -127dB dynamic range (unweighted), providing optimum musical results.

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Do not miss special offer of Lynx Studio Aurora 8 with LT-FW – powerful converter with simultaneous 8 Channel Analog I/O and 8 Channel AES/EBU I/O, 24-bit / 192 kHz Mastering Quality A/D and D/A Conversion with Firewire interface. Now you can purchase this powerful converter/interface combination for the BEST PRICE! The LT-FW is installed and tested at the factory, so this is a true plug-and-play system for your FireWire 400 or FireWire 800 equipped computer.

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Check out also other Lavry Engineering and Lynx Studio products in our Online Store!
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