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Golden Age Project - Affordable Vintage Style Recording

There is a lot of musician’s who demand high-end audio standards and quality but the same time are constricted by their budget. We carefully listen to our customers and as the result we provided for the solution. We introduce new pro audio brand which fulfills quality standards we guarantee for all products in our store but the same time are of the very friendly pricing.

Dear friends let us introduce you Golden Age Project pro-audio products!

Golden Age Project is a Swedish company with almost 20 years of experience in the high-end audio field. It started as a small complementary business. They wanted to reach out to everyone interested in vintage style audio recording, not just the pro-clique.

With the knowledge of their technical crew and their long time experience of business in the field, they were able to create a brand of affordable mics and outboard for everyone! We invite you to discover the GAP range!

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