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AEA - The Best of The Best In Ribbon Microphones

AEA (Audio Engineering Associates) is a U.S. company led by ribbon guru Wes Dooley who started AEA in 1998 with the intention of bringing a range of new ribbon microphones to todays sound engineers. Building off of his successful reintroduction of the R44, in 2002 Wes designed and began producing an original ribbon mic, the AEA R84. Wes's groundbreaking work with ribbon microphones helped him to secure the Audio Engineering Society Silver Medal Award in the fall of 2003. This award is given in recognition of outstanding development or achievement in the field of audio engineering.

AEA portfolio covers ribbon microphone products of extreme quality and features developed for the most demanding audio situations and handcrafted in the U.S. with high precision and under strict control. Just for rough idea, AEA offers the only original ribbon microphone preamp, unidirectional ribbon mic which is a modern interpretation of the original RCA KU3A, which many engineers consider to be the best ribbon microphone ever made as well as it manufactures unique stereo ribbon microphone R92 and other professional ribbon mic related products.

There's no other ribbon that duplicates what the R-series microphones does for acoustic guitar, bass, drums, percussion, brass and other instruments. They impart warmth, have an appealing way of dealing with transients and, most importantly, have a knack for making things sound incredibly "real." These mics are a must-have for any professional recording situation.

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