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3-Zigma Audio (by ADK) - Larry Villella, serious vintage mic collector, musician and co-founder of ADK Microphones, combined decades of experience with the latest modern technology, and even a rocket science. CHI (mic capsule/head-amp integration) is the perfect combination of technology and tone. Finally, sound is not sacrificed for Specs. The CHI System has some of the best specs in the universe!

ADK Microphones - ADK is a collaboration of Musicians, Producers, Sound Engineers and Design Engineers. The Sole Mission is to build an Optimal Signal-Chain without the Ridiculous Price Tag.

AEA  is a U.S. company led by ribbon guru Wes Dooley who started AEA in 1998 with the intention of bringing a range of new ribbon microphones to todays sound engineers. Building off of his successful reintroduction of the R44, in 2002 Wes designed and began producing an original ribbon mic, the AEA R84. Wes's groundbreaking work with ribbon microphones helped him to secure the Audio Engineering Society Silver Medal Award in the fall of 2003. This award is given in recognition of outstanding development or achievement in the field of audio engineering.

API Audio - Leading audio broadcast console manufacturer of professional recording studio equipment - Mixing and Mastering consoles, Mic Preamplifiers and DI, Compressors, Equalizers... receiving rave reviews from engineers and producers. Api consoles are in daily use in the most prestigious recording and broadcast facilities in the world because, to date, there are few, if any consoles of equal sound quality at a cost-effective price.

AUDIFFEX is a software company specialized in multimedia development, developing audio effects, host applications, audio players and recorders and special solutions. Audiffex started software development in 1999 under the label DSound founded by Petr Krkavec. The company developed one of the first software solutions for guitar. The company pioneered the development of audio applications for live (real-time) performance. DSound & C-Mexx joined forces in D-Mexx, a company developing software for large installations, networked audio solutions etc. Nowadays bringing one of the most precise and affordable guitar and bass amp and full rig modeling software ever heard and seen...

Avalon Design - fine pure class A music recording systems for the recording professional and the quality market. Avalon is bringing the art of music recording closer to the essence of the original performance. Avalon's pure Class A recording systems provide the world's leading engineers, producers and musicians with state-of-the-art electronics designed especially for high-fidelity music and sound recording, These carefully engineered systems enhance the creative senses and become one with the music itself.

Chandler Limited - Abbey Road Studio's equipment! Chandler is specializes in remaking and reintroducing classic equipment that is no longer available or in some cases never was.

Earthworks - manufacturer of high definition microphones, measurement products and preamplifiers.

Eventide - leading developer and manufacturer of digital audio processing products for recording, broadcast, and live performance. Famous especially for its groundbreaking Harmonizer and Broadcast Delay technologies.

FMR Audio - Mark and Beth McQuilken have been high-tech design consultants for such companies as RCA, Motorola, Lockheed Martin, Boston University Center for Space Physics and BMW etc.Throughout it all,Mark's audio-design and audio-production projects punctuated their otherwise normal industrial existence...in August 1997, the RNC began rolling off the assembly line...

Gerhat brand (by Excellent) has been established already in the year 1989. Its portfolio covers guitar and bass effect pedals as well as amplifiers; however the main production is focused on budget boutique effect pedals. These are fully hand-made in the Slovak Republic (E.U.) the home of famous JJ-Electronic tubes.
This means that each individual product enjoys special intensive care and control. Moreover, Gerhat products are developed in close cooperation with musicians in order to transform musician’s needs and ideas into reality...

Golden Age Acoustics - professional room acoustic treatment solutions. Wide spectrum of studio acoustic elements. These products feature the performance and feel that only real high quality materials offer.

Golden Age Project - as a small complementary business in order to reach out to everyone interested in vintage style audio recording, not just the pro-clique. Golden Age Music is a Swedish company with almost 20 years of experience in the high-end audio field. They thought that with the knowledge of their technical crew and their long time experience of business in the field, they could create a brand of affordable mics and outboard for everyone!

Heil Sound - Professional Microphones. HS was founded by Bob Heil in 1966. Bob pioneered the live sound industry with clients such as the the Who,Joe Walsh,Peter Frampton,Jeff Beck and scores of major touring acts of the 60's and 70's. Bob and Heil Sound have won numerous awards over the years. In 2007,Bob was invited into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame to put up a display of his historically important gear. No manufacturer has ever been invited into the Rock Hall before!

JDK Audio (by API) - entirely new brand developed and engineered by API (Automated Processes, Inc.) JDK Audio was born out of a desire to expand the creative options available at API – no boundaries – no restrictions.

HOT Guitar & Bass Amplification - world’s top quality, high-end Custom manufacturer of Vintage and also Modern all tube all hadn-made Guitar and Bass amplifiers and Speaker cabinets. HOT builds excellent fully customizable hand-made, hand-wired, point-to-point all tube amplifiers of extraordinary sound quality by usage of carefully selected finest quality “old-school” components in order to provide its customers with real vintage sounding guitar and bass amplifiers on the world’s top quality level as well as provides its customers with uncompromised sounding modern all tube amps with extraordinary fast response! CHECK IT, BUILD IT and PLAY IT…NOW!

Lavry Engineering - is the definitive manufacturer of A/D and D/A converter technologies used by most of the top Mastering and Audio pro houses in the world. Lavry's designs are regarded as the final word in conversion.

Little Labs pro audio products specialize in addressing previously un-addressed audio applications, empowering the audio engineer with new tools, allowing new techniques to explore deeper into the control of sound.

Lynx Studio - professional quality digital audio products for PC and MAC.

MS STATIV SYSTEM is another high-end European manufacture exclusively joint with Musician’s Navigator. MS STATIV SYSTEM produces fully customized instrument and studio stands made in Europe from the highest quality materials, employing patented jigsaw/folding stand system, possessing many extra features as exceptional flexibility, high variability, extra strong stability, simple fitting, gorgeous and outstanding design, fast delivery times and more…

TK Audio - added something new while recreating old equipment. Gear with a modern structure combined with genuine craftsmanship.

VHRelief - company specialized in developing and manufacturing equipments of high quality and sound level for exacting GUITAR and BASS players. VHRelief's basic philosophy is to keep and boost up natural sound of instrument, which is alpha and omega of consequential sound. Hand-made in E.U. from the best selected high-end components.

Vintagedesign - Vintagedesign specializes in bringing you yesterday's sound today. Transformer balanced inputs and outputs together with class-A circuitry gives you a desirable fat warm sound.