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Hot tip: extended registration provides more possibilities for you!

Beside the basic registration which allows you posting your own music gear reviews/testimonials and making posts into Forum Extended registration gives you more advantages. First of all it allows you to purchase music gear products in our online store and boutique custom shop for the best prices in the particular product level. Moreover, majority of our products are shipped for free within the EU and some even to US. Extended registration is necessary prerequisite for shopping in our online store (billing address, exact first and second name as well as your age).

Another great advantage of extended registration is the better customization of your account what gives you two important values.

First we will consider you as a higher level user/customer and based on your posts (user reviews, articles, forum topics…) and orders you put into our store we will be able to provide you with extra benefits. You will get the opportunity to take a part in contests and thus get the possibility to win interesting music gear prices as well as we will be able to provide you with specific music gear information, discounts or to prepare specific price promotions that suits you the best.

Second, extended registration gives you the possibility to provide yourself with a higher level personalization of your account, especially from the point of communication with other musicians within our Forum – if you want, you can upload your own profile picture (avatar), or pin to your profile your personal communication info visible to other musicians you communicate with (Facebook, Skype, ICQ, Twitter and so on).

Join our community today and get the best out of it – music gear information, connection to other musicians and audio professionals from around the world. Experience high-end boutique custom professional products and get the best out of it, join our music gear contest and even more…

Enjoy to Be Unique and Distinctive!
Yours Musician’s Navigator Team