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Musician's Navigator - Exclusive Distribution

Musician's Navigator is an exclusive worldwide distributor and representative for the brands and manufactures listed below. In the case of dealer enquiries please contact us at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Musician’s Navigator has established exclusive partnership and collaboration with HOT Amps company, world's top quality high-end manufacturer of custom all tube guitar and bass amplifiers and speaker cabinets in order to bring unique and high-level custom shop guitar amplification services to our customers. HOT brand was founded in 1997 in Czech Republic (E.U.) and since start it has been successfully following its initial aim to build excellent customizable all tube amplifiers of extraordinary sound quality with usage of selected finest quality “old-school” components and materials in order to provide its customers with genuine vintage sounding guitar and bass gear on the world’s top level...

Gerhat brand (by Excellent) has been established already in the year 1989. Its portfolio covers guitar and bass effect pedals as well as amplifiers; however the main production is focused on budget boutique effect pedals. These are fully hand-made in the Slovak Republic (E.U.) the home of famous JJ-Electronic tubes. This means that each individual product enjoys special intensive care and control. Moreover, Gerhat products are developed in close cooperation with musicians in order to transform musician’s needs and ideas into reality...

Our exclusive partner VHRelief is a producer of extraordinary guitar and bass effects pedals. Company's basic philosophy is to keep and boost up natural sound of instrument, which is alpha and omega of consequential sound. Hand-made in E.U. from the best high-end components...

MS STATIV SYSTEM is another high-end European manufacture exclusively joint with Musician’s Navigator. MS STATIV SYSTEM produces fully customized instrument and studio stands made in Europe from the highest quality materials, employing patented jigsaw/folding stand system, possessing many extra features as exceptional flexibility, high variability, extra strong stability, simple fitting, gorgeous and outstanding design, fast delivery times and more…