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Company Customers Info Point

Company Customers with a valid VAT tax number can be invoiced prices excluding VAT tax.

ATTENTION, please! Company customers (persons with a valid VAT tax number) who wants to be invoiced price without VAT tax, has to register their company via our register form first and then wait for approvement. Once company customer (customer with a valid VAT tax number) receives confirmation email stating that his VAT tax number has been approved he can already purchase products from our store. Company customers who order first time from us should contact us first!

All orders have to be paid to one of our bank accounts before shipment. All bank transaction charges have to be paid by a customer or can be shared. We do not accept payments where all bank charges has to paid by a receiver.

We will send you ‘payment confirmation e-mail’ with the Electronic Invoice immediately after we have received your payment. Invoice will be signed with the internationally valid Secure Electronic Signature approved by the National Safety Department of the Slovak Republic and in the accordance with E.U. legislative and international safety regulations. However, if you are interested we can send you also paper invoice as well. Just tell us this in advance please or put this information into notes attached to your order.