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Best Price Guarantee

Products labeled with the ‘Best Price Guarantee’ logo are products for which we guarantee the lowest price in the EU and for some items also within both the EU and the US (the world zone and/or countries are clearly labeled). We are doing our best to offer you the best possible price and make our pricing as friendly as possible, but please take into account that this guarantee is limited by the constrains we cannot influence (see below). On the other hand there can often be the situation that product is not labeled with the Best Price Guarantee logo but it actually is for the best price in the region, or even in the world.

Definition of the best price guarantee: our pricing is the best to our knowledge within a particular world zone. However, it can possibly happen that some other music gear online retailer/seller comes up in between our surveys with the offer that we are not aware of. In such cases, please let us know about and we will try to beat this price and sell you particular product for that price or lower. Prices in other e-stores we consider as better only in the case that the sum of Price + Shipping cost to the customer’s particular country is lower than our price + shipping; we offer shipping free of charge for majority of our products. Note that in the case you will buy a particular music gear product and then consequently you will find better pricing for that product in some other online store, we will not accept return of the product and we do not pay you back.