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Cubase 5 - Delivering New Features


Cubase 5 adds even more creative possibilities and new technologies to the world’s premier music production software developed by Steinberg — providing the finest tools to producers, composers and musicians in any musical genre. VariAudio and PitchCorrect provide integrated intonation editing for monophonic vocal recordings. Groove Agent ONE and Beat Designer change the game for beat creation, while the revolutionary LoopMash seamlessly blends loops, creating unimaginable variations. VST Expression tools for composers combine with the first VST3 convolution reverb and improved automation for more dynamic mixes. And an array of additional enhancements and 64-bit technologies boost performance — all designed to inspire further musical creativity and productivity.

Beat Creation and Loop Mangling

Cubase 5 features outstanding new tools for creating beats, generating exciting new rhythms and working with loops.

Mash it up

Alt popisLoopMash is a revolutionary virtual instrument that offers a unique and innovative way of creatively working with loops and beats to create stunning new rhythms and grooves. Seamlessly blendable variations of both the included loops and any loop from your library open up myriad new creative possibilities. LoopMash is based on a new audio analysis/synthesis engine, developed in collaboration with Yamaha, that matches similar elements across loops and beats, generating fresh and inspiring “mash-ups” from any rhythmic audio material.
Main Features are:
* Brand-new, first-of-its-kind interactive loop synthesizer
* Creates entirely new and unique variations on the fly by simply dragging existing loops from MediaBay or the Project Window onto LoopMash
* Entirely synced to the Cubase Tempo
* Integrated editing tools and powerful live performance mode with user-definable scenes

Drum sampling deluxe

Alt popisGroove Agent ONE pairs powerful drum sampling with detailed sound shaping — seamlessly integrated into Cubase. Not only does it boast sliced loop and MPC-import but rocks right out of the box with its own custom library of only the finest acoustic, urban, hip hop and dance drum kits! Each of its virtual pads features a complete sound processing section that gives full control of textures, timbres and expressive qualities of each drum sound. Creation of custom kits with drag and drop from the MediaBay allows an extremely fluid and easy workflow.
Main Features are:
* Support for WAV, AIFF and the legendary MPC format
* Easy-to-use interface — the perfect fusion of functionality and simplicity
* Powerful editing section for each drum sound
* Automatically maps sliced Cubase audio parts or multiple audio events across the pads by simply dragging them directly to Groove Agent ONE
* Convert sliced audio loops to MIDI by dragging them back to a MIDI track

Beat it!

Alt popisBeat Designer is a hot new beat construction plug-in that allows you to get hands-on with beats for step programming and designing drum patterns in an easy yet powerful way, working hand in hand with Groove Agent ONE. Getting really interactive with different grooves and variations has never been easier: Beat Designer organizes several patterns at once in customizable banks and can trigger each of them in real time and synced to Cubase with a MIDI keyboard.
Main Features are:
* Supports up to 64 steps per pattern
* Customizable resolution and time signature
* Support for flam hits and rolls
* Individual volume settings for each element in a beat allowing full control of the dynamics of any groove
* Comes with dozens of beats in various styles perfectly matching the Groove Agent ONE kits

Vocal Editing and Pitch Correction

Cubase 5 comes with an amazing new toolset for perhaps the most important element in any song: the vocals.

Total vocal editing with VariAudio

Alt popisVariAudio offers completely integrated vocal editing and pitch alteration of individual notes in monophonic vocal recordings and can solve intonation and timing problems with only a few mouse clicks. With cutting-edge technology Cubase 5 turns the dreams of musicians and producers into reality: editing vocal lines in the Sample Editor just as seamlessly and quickly as if editing MIDI notes in the renowned Key Editor.
Main Features are:
* Gives you complete control over the melody and intonation
* Automatically corrects the intonation of vocal lines by quantizing the pitch and micro-pitch of an entire part
* All detected notes and segments can be converted to MIDI notes, including the micro-pitch envelope which translates to pitch bend MIDI data
* No noticeable artifacts, entirely preserve the soul of the recording and its sonic fidelity

On-the-fly pitch correction

Alt popisDesigned for vocal and solo instrument recordings, the new PitchCorrect VST3 plug-in brings easy and automatic intonation control and scale correction of vocal and monophonic instrument recordings to Cubase. PitchCorrect is based on the acclaimed Yamaha Pitch Fix technology and constantly detects the pitch of the input material and immediately corrects it to match to the closest pitch of a user-specified scale, including minor, major, chromatic and custom scales.
Main Features:
* Corrects poor intonation without noticeable artifacts and preserves the sonic audio quality of the original performance
* Various parameters, like the Retune and Tolerance control, help adapting the retune rate to almost any performance style for very natural-sounding pitch correction
* Control the pitch of individual notes interactively from a MIDI keyboard in real time

New Dimensions for Your Mix

Cubase 5 delivers numerous new features that will help you bring new depth to your mix — in more ways than one.

Experience in space with REVerence

Alt popisREVerence is the world’s first VST3-based convolution reverb processor and benefits from every single aspect the VST3 standard has to offer. This sumptuously realistic reverb processor ships with an exceptionally sounding library including over 70 impulses created at some of the world’s most distinctive locations. If that’s not enough, REVerence supports the import of multi-channel custom user impulses and corresponding images.
Main Features:

* First-class natural space simulation
* Emulates any acoustic environment, in stereo or surround — from a Studio-A room to a massive football arena
* Independent controls for early reflections as well as the reverb tail
* Exact control of the recorded impulse, giving total control over the decay time
* Completely smooth and glitch-free parameter switching
* Intuitive graphic waveform and spectrograph display and built-in EQ controls

New automation handling

Alt popisThe new automation handling in Cubase 5 is now more transparent and flexible than ever before, the centerpiece being the new automation panel, which offers a unified point of control for all automation settings. Once a Key Command has been assigned, the new panel is at your instant command, offering new commands to manipulate automation data. The new Suspend Read and Write options exclude parameters from playing back or recording automation data, adding extra security when automating large projects.

Rule-based consolidation

Automating the MIDI area of productions has also been made far more transparent. Rule-based consolidation of part-based MIDI controller data and track-based automation data routed to the same target eliminates conflicts and fuses the two systems together. It is easy to use both MIDI Continuous Controller and MIDI automation (track) data on the same target and handle layered controller/automation data in a consistent way. This best-of-both-worlds approach really comes to life with the brand-new ability to view and edit MIDI track automation side by side and inline with existing MIDI controller data in the Key Editor or the Project Window.

Express Creative Visions

With Cubase 5, Steinberg has innovated even further to offer even more creative compositional tools.

The composer’s choice: VST Expression

Alt popisVST Expression is an ultra-intuitive new way of working with multiple instrument articulations, for example of huge orchestra libraries, and introduces an editing concept that is not only user-customizable but is also fully integrated with the Key and Score Editors. VST Expression makes working with instrument articulations as easy as it should be. Instead of handling all those MIDI controllers for switching articulations, VST Expression allows seamlessly and transparently integrated editing as well as full control over multiple articulations in the Key and Score Editors. Articulations noted in the Score Editor can be played back immediately in real time by orchestra or any other sample-based libraries like the all new electric and acoustic guitar, bass and brass expression sounds included in the new HALion ONE Expression Set 01.
Main Features:
* Compatible with any current VSTi or stand-alone sample library, including Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra and the new HALion ONE Expression Set 01
* Expression Map Editor provides mapping and remapping of articulation controllers, such as key switches, controller changes or MIDI channel remapping
* Using Expression Maps, projects can be ported for playback to a different sound device or library
* New Articulation Lane allows intuitive and fast editing of instrument articulations in the Key and Drum Editors
* When recording articulation changes, for example, key switches, the correct symbols are automatically added in the Score Editor

Your signature track

Alt popisCubase 5 comes armed with two brand-new track types: Signature Track and Tempo Track. These extremely useful new track types offer total control over tempo and time signature directly in the Project Window. Visualizing and editing tempo and signature changes within the project context next to audio, MIDI and markers offer a highly intuitive new way of exploiting every nuance of a song or composition with the right tempo and signature, whilst allowing greater freedom to experiment with new signatures.
Main Features:
* Available in both time linear and Bars+Beats modes
* Editing can be performed from both Info Line and Track Inspector, so advanced functions such as process tempo and process bars are always at your fingertips.
* Multiple selected events can be edited simultaneously, including drag‘n’drop actions
* Snap, Grid and Quantize function-dependent editing and Crosshair-cursor support

The ideal symphonic instrument

Alt popisEvocative scores, exquisite arrangements and emotive accompaniments: HALion Symphonic Orchestra is the ideal, symphonic instrument for composition, production and pre-production in music, TV and film scoring and game sound. It puts the awesome emotive power and sheer sonic majesty of a full symphonic orchestra under total control with its full support for the new Cubase 5 VST Expression feature. Each instrument comes with a Track Preset including a VST Expression map and matching staff settings for the Score Editor.

Cubase 5 contains a 90-day fully functional trial version of the HALion Symphonic Orchestra 16-bit Special Edition, providing a wealth of acoustic orchestral instruments at their best. The trial version of the HSO 16-bit Edition can be upgraded online to a permanent license at a very special price.
Main Features:
* Complete symphonic orchestra with breathtakingly authentic strings, brass, woodwind and percussion
* Works hand in hand with the new Cubase 5 VST Expression feature — giving total control over key-switch articulations right in the Score and Key Editor supporting creative, intuitive and dynamic playing and hassle-free editing
* Extraordinarily expressive with full dynamic range covering all common articulations of each instrument
* Outstanding playability and instant access to all the most important parameters
* Unique Crescendo Controller feature allows seamlessly real-time blending between samples with different dynamic characteristics
* Richly detailed and perfectly balanced sound with adjustable real-recorded ambience
* Extremely versatile for all styles from Baroque to R‘n’B and everything in between

Even more expression

The HALion ONE sound library has been expanded with a new set of studio-quality instruments developed by Yamaha's acclaimed sound design team. The Expression Set 01 features 14 new instruments with multiple articulations for natural and expressive performances. With each articulation assigned to a key switch, the new Expression Set is perfectly suited to explore the new VST Expression feature in Cubase 5.

The following instruments are included: Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, Fretless Bass, Pick Bass, Nylon Guitar, Steel Guitar, Clean Guitar, Distortion Guitars 1&2, Solid Guitar, Tenor Sax, Solo Trumpet, Brass Section and Large String Section.

Next-Generation Performance and Faster Workflow

Cubase 5 also includes an array of additional new ways of working faster, with added performance that takes advantage of new technologies.

Experience the X64 advantage

Cubase 5 fully supports native 64-bit high performance computing under Microsoft Windows Vista 64 and increases the addressable memory space from 2 GB to an amazing 1 terabyte — placing more tracks, plug-ins and a whole lot of more samples of the biggest libraries right at the artist’s fingertips! Producers and composers using the latest sample libraries will benefit from the ability to access a maximum of 1 terabyte of memory. With a sufficient amount of addressable memory space, all sample data can be loaded directly into RAM, allowing software samplers to become far more responsive. Not only does this offer complete creative freedom for composers, but live performances using sample-based material are now freed up from reliance on hard drives.

Cubase 5 features bit-map technology to enable the use of 32-bit VST effect and instrument plug-ins in the 64-bit version of Cubase, protecting past investments and ensuring future compatibility of older plug-ins.

Built on Cocoa

The Cubase 5 framework for Mac OS X has been reworked: it has been “de-carbonized” and is now “cocoa-ized”. This is the foundation for a Cubase Mac OS X 64-bit version which is planned at a later stage and is not part of the Cubase 5 release.

Low latency for all

Cubase 5 takes full advantage of the latest WASAPI* audio driver technology in Microsoft Windows Vista and supports generic and on-board sound hardware with lower latencies than ever before.
* Windows Audio Session API is the new driver model from Microsoft for Windows Vista operating systems.

Total export

Alt popisThe brand-new Channel Batch Export is a new way of exporting individual tracks to create archives or exchange projects with other production systems. As an extension of the Export Audio Mixdown window, Channel Batch Export allows the export of the audible output of a multiple selection of mixer channels to audio files. Channel Batch Export is also an ideal way of reorganizing a project to give the maximum available CPU power, with all files and VSTi tracks exported to audio tracks, freeing up system resources.
Main Features are:
* Quickly select the channels you want to include and exclude from the export process
* Search field for channel names
* Redesigned Audio Engine Output selection lists all available channels/busses sorted by type
* Improved backup function for audio and including video files

MediaBay optimizations

Alt popisMediaBay is the media file management system within Cubase, supporting the VST Sound standard that is part of VST3. For this new update, MediaBay has been extensively reworked with expanded features and many performance and usability improvements, making it even more intuitive and powerful. This includes faster searching and browsing, an overall improved performance and a more advanced and transparent tagging process.
Main Features:
* New Category Filter browsing improvement allows you to narrow down categories and results
* Result Numbers in Categories function displays the number of existing files that are found in each category
* Write Protection Indicator and the Pending Tags Indicator
* The Attribute Filter Search allows the user to make a detailed search query in the Viewer of MediaBay

Refined editing

Enhancing previously available features and adding new ones, the Sample Editor now gives access to pivotal parameters faster than ever before. With Cubase 5, the Sample Editor sees increased usability, with several tab items moved to the toolbar to improve handling by providing easier access to important functions. The additional enhancements include a new info-line toggle button, a Solo button, reworked Snap functionality, new Key Commands handling and much more.

The Project Logical Editor, a uniquely powerful and advanced project-wide editing system, also benefits from numerous enhancements, covering everything from minor improvements to brand-new functions. These include more destinations such as track color and Aux Sends, new Search and Action functions in the time domain and PPQ, the ability to invoke macros after Project Logical Editor processing as well as a complete user interface overhaul.

Recording enhancements

Cubase 5 features a more straight-forward approach to handling multiple takes and lane management, speeding up recording workflows for both audio and MIDI. New tools and commands give more flexible control over recording and provide better support for engineers or producers recording in Cubase 5.

* Remaining Record Time Display gives constant feedback on the total amount of recording time available to Cubase, preventing errors while planning recording sessions
* Lock Record function prevents accidental disarming of tracks when recording
* Arm/Disarm All Audio Tracks function helps the user when preparing to record a large number of tracks
* Crosshair Cursor supports accurate navigation and placement in Audio, Instrument and MIDI track lanes
* The new ability to dissolve MIDI parts to lanes comes in handy when separating notes or MIDI channels into sub-parts for easier editing
* The “To Front” UI arrow control is very useful when several parts or events are overlapping
* Now even individual MIDI selections of tracks or lanes can be bounced to new MIDI parts

Virtual MIDI keyboard

The virtual MIDI keyboard is a small but powerful feature. With the virtual MIDI keyboard, notes can be played and recorded by clicking the mouse or hitting the computer’s keys, giving the ultimate mobile low-latency experience while on the move — just you and your laptop.

Further Improvements and Added Value

Cubase 5 comes with redesigned and enhanced features plus many new handy tools and functions, making Cubase even more intuitive to use than ever before.

Project Assistant

Alt popisBy updating Cubase to version 5.1.1, you get the Project Assistant which provides a wealth of ready-made templates for different styles and scopes like recording, mixing, producing and mastering. The templates contain the number of channels, effects, dynamics, amp simulators and channel inserts — tailored to your particular needs. Creating customized user templates and integrating those into the Launch browser makes recording with a DAW software and audio interface just that easy. Start up Cubase, go to Project Assistant and select a template from the list. A new project is created with the necessary number of tracks, audio input and output routings, all effects, amp simulator, sounds and much more. Thanks to this assistant, initializing a Cubase Project from scratch even saves professionals a lot of time — and as we all know, time is money.

Monitor the data pipe

MIDI Monitor is the new MIDI plug-in featured in Cubase 5. It analyses incoming MIDI events as well as playing back MIDI events from the host in real time — ideal tool for troubleshooting, especially with its comments on suspicious events. The available event-type filters allow easy MIDI data display and results, which then can be exported to file.

Refresh for MIDI plug-ins, Logical Editor and Input Transformer

All MIDI plug-ins in Cubase 5 have a fully redesigned user interface. However, this is much more than just a cosmetic makeover. These powerful MIDI processors are now more accessible and more intuitive to use than ever before, and several plug-ins offer feature detail improvements, like the Chorder plug-in with its new Learn function.

As for the Logical Editor and Input Transformer, Steinberg has spent time and effort in focusing on the aesthetics, providing both Editor and Transformer new and more intuitive graphical user interfaces.

Sort VST plug-ins menu by vendor

All available VST plug-ins can now be sorted by vendor and category (if enabled), offering an additional search parameter for even easier plug-in browsing.

Backup improvements

Backing up projects has become even easier in Cubase 5. The backup function holds new options, such as keeping current projects active, an improved “Save Project to New Folder” as well as being able to back up video files to the user’s computer.

Made for people around the world

Cubase is the world’s most popular computer-based DAW, and with this special update, Steinberg’s music production system becomes even more international. With full support for Unicode, Cubase 5 supports entering text in almost any language throughout the application, including Japanese, French, Greek, Russian, Hebrew and many more — a world-class application!


A system so much more than the sum of it parts

Designed especially for Cubase by Steinberg and Yamaha, and precision-manufactured by Yamaha to the most exacting standards, the MR816 CSX, MR816 X Advanced Integration DSP Studio and the CC121 Advanced Integration Controller combined with Cubase 5 provide an all-round system solution of unparalleled flexibility and power.

MR816 CSX and MR816 X Advanced Integration DSP Studio

With the MR816 CSX/X FireWire interfaces and Cubase 5 you will experience a new level of integration that is in terms of ease-of-use way ahead of the competition and demonstrates how the control of hardware can be seamlessly integrated into a DAW.
* True Integrated Monitoring
* Complete Cubase user interface integration throughout
* Control Room — with no latency
* DSP Power for Cubase
* Quick Connect and Integration

CC121 Advanced Integration Controller

Steinberg’s CC121 Advanced Integration Controller is a remote control device that was specifically designed for production environments using Cubase. CC121 provides totally integrated tactile control of all parameters within Cubase, with a unique design architecture that keeps you 100% focused on your Cubase project.
* Full precision control with the revolutionary AI Knob: controls any Cubase program parameter and any Cubase integrated FX and VSTi setting
* Dedicated Cubase controls for the most important functions including a 100mm touch-sensitive motorized fader
* Full Cubase EQ section in hardware including Q-factor, Frequency and Gain as well as EQ Type selector switch and Bypass button

Excellent support of Yamaha hardware

Cubase 5 offers seamless integration of selected Yamaha hardware such as keyboards, synthesizers and mixers.


The Yamaha MOTIF XS is automatically detected and configured if connected via IEE 1394 and immediately ready to use as an external VST3 instrument, including all the corresponding audio and MIDI channels directly in the Cubase environment!

Any voices and multi data from the MOTIF XS can be saved and loaded directly to and from Cubase MediaBay. Search, find, preview, load and play all MOTIF voices with the content focused tools in the MediaBay*.

* Requires MOTIF XS VST3 Editor available from the Yamaha support pages

Yamaha KX25/KX49/KX61/KX8 USB keyboard

The support for the KX series includes direct control of the Cubase Track Quick Controls. This way the most important parameters of any Cubase track, are always present on the KX hardware knobs. It’s also possible to very quickly browse through the MediaBay remotely and select a sound by just clicking a button on your KX keyboard!

n-series Digital Mixing Studio (n12 and n8)

AI functions of the n-series include Cubase transport control, dry/wet monitoring with or without VST effect plug-ins, automatic setup with Cubase including driver, remote settings, I/O configuration, automatic Recording Setup for multi-channel recording, Work modes for flexible switching of routing within Cubase.

Integration of third-party studio hardware

Audio interfaces

Cubase 5 runs on nearly every audio interface available on the market, including all ASIO- and CoreAudio-compatible audio hardware, ready for immediate use. Interfaces are available in every price class and with the most diverse analog and digital I/O options, Cubase 5 allows you to configure the setup that meets your individual needs and best suits your working environment.

External instruments and effects

External FX plug-ins enable you to integrate external hardware effect units and instruments directly into the VST Audio Mixer. This means you plug any hardware sound generator or signal processor in directly — of course, with automatic latency compensation.

MIDI device panels

MIDI device maps/panels afford direct access to external MIDI hardware via freely definable graphical knobs. Pre-programmed panels are available for many devices and can be imported directly. Using an editor offering an extensive tool set, you can create individual control panels — even in the Track Inspector and the mixer channel strip.

Remote controller

Cubase 5 supports numerous external hardware controllers that let you control the VST Mixer remotely. Many reputable vendors’ controllers are supported directly, and you can opt to use these if you wish. Alternatively, you can set up any other MIDI device equipped with the appropriate knobs as a generic controller and use it to operate the Mixer and adjust the parameters of VST instruments and effect plug-ins.

Track Quick Controls

This set of eight user-definable real-time controllers gives ultra-fast access to any parameter available on the current track. The Track Quick Controls develop their full potential when used in combination with a remote controller. Setup is easy thanks to a handy MIDI learn function. Once assigned, remote control knobs or fader functions will follow the track selection.


Features Comparison

Features Cubase 5 Cubase Studio 5 Cubase Essential 5
Award-winning 32-bit floating-point audio engine yes yes yes
Number of audio tracks virtually unlimited virtually unlimited 64
Number of MIDI tracks unlimited unlimited unlimited
Instrument tracks unlimited unlimited unlimited
Physical inputs/outputs 256 128 32
Group channels 256 256 256
FX Send channels 8 8 8
FX Return channels 64 64 8
VST audio effect insert slots 8 8 8
MIDI effect insert slots 4 4 4
VST instrument slots 64 32 16
VST3 plug-in support yes yes yes
ReWire support yes yes yes
Number of mixer views 3 2 1
Control Room yes no no
Extended Channel EQ (VST3 Studio EQ) yes no no
Extended Mixer view yes yes no
Sidechain inputs yes yes no
5.1 surround and True multichannel audio path yes no no
External FX yes no no
External instruments yes no no
Automation modes touch fader, x-over, autolatch, trim touch fader, x-over, autolatch, trim touch fader
Volume envelopes yes yes no
Automation panel yes yes no
Hardware controller support yes yes only Houston, generic+Tascam US-428/224, Mackie Universal, HUI and CC121
Channel Batch Export function yes yes no
Unlimited Undo and Redo functions yes yes yes
Offline Process History for built-in audio and all plug-ins for built-in audio single undo
MediaBay and VST Sound support full limited* limited*
Track presets yes yes yes
Studio connections recall+audio recall recall
Workspaces (virtual desktops) yes yes no
Project Browser yes yes no
Recording modes: Mix, Overwrite, Normal, Merge, Stacked yes yes excl. Stacked
Recording from busses yes yes no
Editors: Key, List, Basic Score yes yes yes
Drum Editor yes yes yes
Logical Editor yes yes no
Project Logical Editor yes no no
Inplace Editor (MIDI editing in Project Window) yes yes no
Advanced options in Tempo Editor yes no no
Extended Track Inspector (shows VSTi channel for MIDI tracks) yes yes yes
MIDI devices (Device Maps and Editors) yes no no
Professional score layout and printing functions (incl. MusicXML Import+Export) yes yes no
Arranger Track yes yes yes
Global Transpose Track yes yes no
Signature and tempo tracks in Project Window yes yes no
VariAudio yes no no
VST Expression support yes yes no
AudioWarp (real-time time stretching+pitch shifting) yes yes playback only
Time Warp tool yes yes no
Pitch Shifting/Time Stretching algorithm real time+MPEX real time+MPEX real time
Dithering Apogee UV22HR Apogee UV22HR Apogee UV22HR
Key command macros yes yes yes
Pool Import and Export yes yes no
Track archives yes no no
Extended Freeze for VST instruments and audio tracks yes yes yes
Track Quick Controls yes yes no
Full MP3 Fraunhofer encoding yes available as update available as update
Windows Media WMA Pro encoding yes yes yes
OMF import/export yes no no
Sequel Project import yes yes no
Number of VST MIDI effect plug-ins 18 18 18
Number of VST audio effect plug-ins 58 39 33
Number of VST instruments 8 3 2
Number of instrument sounds included 1,623 749 706
Full printed operations manual yes no no
Mac OS X Universal Binary yes yes yes
Multi-processing support yes yes yes
Vista 64 native Cubase 64-bit version yes yes no

* No detail search, no separate tag editor, no user tags

Plug-in Comparison

Audio plug-ins Cubase 5 Cubase Studio 5 Cubase Essential 5 VST
AmpSimulator yes yes yes 3.0
AutoPan yes yes yes 3.0
Bitcrusher yes yes yes 2.4
Chopper yes yes yes 2.4
Chorus yes yes yes 3.0
Cloner yes no no 3.0
Compressor yes yes no 3.0
DaTube yes yes yes 2.4
DeEsser (SPL) yes no no 2.4
Distortion yes yes yes 3.0
DualFilter yes yes yes 3.0
EnvelopeShaper yes no no 3.0
Expander yes no no 3.0
Flanger yes yes yes 3.0
Gate yes yes yes 3.0
GEQ-10 yes no no 3.0
GEQ-30 yes no no 3.0
Grungelizer yes yes no 2.4
Limiter yes yes yes 3.0
Maximizer yes yes no 3.0
Metalizer yes yes yes 2.4
MIDI Gate yes yes yes 2.4
Mix6to2 yes no no 2.4
MixConvert yes no no 3.0
ModMachine yes no no 3.0
MonoDelay yes yes yes 3.0
MonoToStereo yes yes yes 3.0
MultibandCompressor yes no no 3.0
MultiScope yes no no 2.4
Octaver yes yes yes 3.0
Phaser yes yes yes 3.0
PingPongDelay yes yes yes 3.0
PitchCorrect yes yes yes 3.0
REVerence yes no no 3.0
RingModulator yes yes yes 2.4
Roomworks yes yes no 3.0
Roomworks SE yes yes yes 3.0
Rotary yes yes yes 3.0
SMPTE Generator yes no no 2.4
SoftClipper yes no no 3.0
Standard Channel EQ yes yes yes 3.0
StepFilter yes yes yes 2.4
StereoDelay yes yes no 3.0
StereoEnhancer yes yes yes 3.0
StudioChorus yes yes no 3.0
StudioEQ yes no no 3.0
Surround Panner yes no no 3.0
Test Generator yes no no 2.4
Tonic yes no no 2.4
Tranceformer yes yes yes 2.4
Tremolo yes yes yes 3.0
Tuner yes yes yes 3.0
UV22HR yes yes yes 3.0
Vibrato yes yes yes 3.0
VintageCompressor yes no no 3.0
VSTDynamics yes yes yes 3.0
WahWah yes yes yes 3.0
MIDI plug-ins Cubase 5 Cubase Studio 5 Cubase Essential 5
Arpache 5 yes yes yes
Arpache SX yes yes no
Auto LFO yes yes yes
Beat Designer yes yes yes
Chorder yes yes yes
Compressor yes yes yes
Context Gate yes yes yes
Density yes yes yes
Micro Tuner yes yes yes
MIDI Control yes yes yes
MIDI Echo yes yes yes
MIDI Modifiers yes yes yes
MIDI Monitor yes yes yes
Note 2 CC yes yes yes
Quantizer yes yes yes
StepDesigner yes yes yes
Track Control yes yes yes
Transformer yes yes yes
Virtual instruments Cubase 5 Cubase Studio 5 Cubase Essential 5 VST
Embracer yes no no 2.4
Groove Agent ONE yes yes no 3.0
LoopMash yes no no 3.0
Monologue yes no no 2.4
Prologue yes yes ja 3.0
Spector yes no no 3.0
Mystic yes no no 3.0
HALion ONE yes yes yes 2.4

Advanced Integration Features

Features Cubase 5 Cubase Studio 5 Cubase Essential 5
Automatic integration through IEEE1394 (MR816 X, MR816 CSX, CC121, MOTIF XS) yes yes yes
True Integrated Monitoring – 1:1 mixer mapping (MR816 X, MR816 CSX) yes yes yes
True Integrated Monitoring – multiple studio mixes (MR816 X, MR816 CSX) yes no no
Quick Connect (MR816 X, MR816 CSX) yes yes yes
Monitor mixer integration (MR816 X, MR816 CSX) yes yes yes
HW setup integration (MR816 X, MR816 CSX) yes yes yes
Plug-in integration of DSP effects (MR816 X (REV-X only), MR816 CSX) yes yes yes
VST connection presets (MR816 X, MR816 CSX) yes yes yes
Plug-in integration of MOTIF XS series voice editor (MOTIF XS) yes yes yes
Control Room control (CC121) yes no no
AI Knob control (CC121) yes yes yes
External VST3 support – MIDI+audio (MOTIF XS) yes yes yes
VST instrument preset browser access (KX) yes yes yes
Track Quick Controls support (KX) yes yes no