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Dan Swanö - Guitar Gear Rig Update

November 2010 - Dan Swanö recently made few new changes in his guitar rig. We keep in touch with Dan and bring you an update here.

Alt popisMN: So, you made some changes in your guitar rig recently. Actually, it was in the time when we had released interview with you concerning the gear you are using on the stage. What exactly has been changed in your guitar rig since then?

DAN: I replaced the Behringer MA400 headphone pre-amp with a Rolls HA43. The MA400 didn't have enough volume to satisfy the drummer (who uses this for his click-track too). The HA43 have enough juice.

I also added a Roland EV-7 for a 100% seamless cross-fade between the 2 GT-10 engines within the VG99. The EV-7 is a real killer for cross-fading between clean and distortion.

The new Rolls phone pre amp-rules and the Roland EV-7 kicks ass!!
Dan Swanö Guitar Rig Scheme:
- BC Rich ST-3 guitar with Roland GK3 pickup connected to Roland VG-99 guitar-system - 2. Roland VG-99 is connected straight line out (with all treble intact) right into the power amp of any good valve amp - 3. Tech21 MIDI Moose - 5 is connected thru MIDI to change patch in the VG99. Boss FS-6 - 6 switch is connected to the VG99 thru a stereo cable and controls parameters in the patch. Sometimes it's switching between rhythm and solo, sometimes to activate tuning function. 4 - Roland EV-7 for seamless cross-fade between the 2 GT-10 engines within the VG99. Backing tracks come into from the Apple iBook - 7. Output from the Apple iBook goes one channel (L) to the headphone amp Rolls HA43 - 8 and into Dan’s in-ear (and to the drummer’s in-ear) - 9. The other channel (R) goes to the passive DI box Behringer DI-600P – 10 and then direct line into the mix - 11.

Within the Roland VG-99, engine 1 is now a Mesa Vintage Channel Rectifier and engine 2 is still the Fender Twin. With VG-99 you got 2 GT-10's in it that you can morph between! Pure heaven!!

Switches of the FS6 do (A) Switch from Rhythm to Solo (B) Add something unique for each preset.

MN: Thanks Dan and see you next time.

- Martin "Lucky" Lukáč -

Have you used the same music gear like Dan?

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