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Welcome to Musician's Navigator - Custom Music Gear Community and Online Store!

My name is Martin "Lucky" Lukáč. I am a guitarist and composer as well as CEO and founder of the Musician's Navigator company and its great web portal and online custom shop intended for you all - musicians and people who love to create music. We, my Team and me, are glad to have you here. Please, let me introduce Musician's Navigator company and the benefits we are providing for.

We are ready to make your music gear dreams come true!

  • We are Selling Exclusively Top-Class European and U.S. Boutique Custom High-end and Unique Brands/Products
  • We actively contribute into development and manufacture of selected boutique and high-end music gear products
  • We do not have collection of low level gear but we ship free and keep friendly pricing.
  • We do not have tons of products, but we have the finest selection we believe in.
  • We are small company, but we are optimizing our services individually for you.
  • We do not have big call centre but we are always ready to help you!
  • We are always stressing the quality of our products and services
  • We are small team of musicians doing our best for you.
  • We are musicians, we understand you.

MUSICIAN’S NAVIGATOR is an international company providing for boutique custom music gear and pro audio online sales and service. Our main mission is to provide our business partners and customers with high-end professional music gear products of E.U. and U.S. manufactures/brands. Our portfolio covers fine collection of custom, boutique, high-end and rare pro audio as well as guitar & bass top quality music gear products we personally believe in. Our custom online store website contains also information pages thus providing for fresh news and information related to products from our portfolio as well as providing for related forums, user reviews, online lessons and more.

For some of boutique brands carried in our online custom shop Musician's Navigator acts also as an exclusive worldwide distributor and promotional & business representative (HOT, Gerhat, VHRelief and other brands) as well as an active contributor into development and inovations of custom music gear products of these brands. We are also providing for life-time services for these custom products as well as optimizing our services individually for each customer (made-to-measure products/services). We are always ready to help you in order to provide you with the quality and custom music gear and music gear services of your dreams…

MUSICIAN'S NAVIGATOR is an exclusive distributor and representative for excellent boutique custom all tube HOT amplifiers and other boutique, custom and hand-crafted music/pro audio gear of extraordinary sound and manufacturing quality. In fact, HOT and MUSICIAN'S NAVIGATOR act as "sister" companies in order to provide their customers with the best possible quality guitar & bass amplification products and services ever.


Best Regards,

Martin "Lucky" Lukáč
(CEO and Owner)